IUC Dalarna and Planet Bridge starting cooperation in order to develop a process for Smart Integration

Our industry is seeking for recourses and competence, and the new arrivals, who as refugees has left their jobs and home behind, are well motivated and often they also has the right skills. The challenge has been to match need with that recourse the new arrivals offer.

On January 25th 2017 Planet Bridge and IUC Dalarna signed a cooperation agreement in order to develop a method for matching business needs with the skills the new arrivals offer. The project is called Smart Integration and will last for 1,5 years. Farhad Nekouei, with his own experiences of establishing on the Swedish labor market, is employed as project manager, will keep in contact with both job seekers and companies that hire competent new arrivals.

Planet Bridge comes in addition to being involved in the development process, offer personal coaching to hired people and act as an advisor to companies.


Projektledare Farhad Nekouei tillsammans med Helené Axelsson på IUC Dalarna.
Project manager Farhad Nekouei with Helené Axelsson at IUC Dalarna.