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Starting up in a new market is an exciting opportunity, but also involves risks that should be avoided and challenges that must be overcome when people, products and services face a different culture, different purchasing patterns and new legal conditions.

We at Planet Bridge know the Swedish market and culture and we have extensive experience of entrepreneurship, recruitment and leadership in Sweden and internationally. Add to that a large network of skilled advisors in important areas.

Planet Bridge helps your company succeed with its establishment in the Swedish market.

Our services

Preparation & Establishment

A clear and safe path to a successful establishment

Starting a business in a new market involves both opportunities and risks. Depending on the product and/or service, the nature and complexity of the business, the start-up period may vary.

We recommend a start-up where important personnel for the business have been established and basic processes, agreements and calculations are secured before expansion takes place. Once the business is stable and the processes are in place, an expansion can take place both quickly and profitably.

Our concept, combined with our experience and knowledge of running a business and leadership, offers a safer path to success for you who want to establish a company in the Swedish market.

The concept

  1. Development of a schedule and target picture as well as mapping of the market
  2. The start of the business with the establishment of key people, processes and agreements, etc.
  3. Follow-up, coaching and business development with the goal of creating a stable and profitable business
  4. Expansion

Recruitment & Onboarding

Your professional partner in recruitment and onboarding

Good personnel is a crucial success factor. Especially when the company is in a foreign market.

To give the company and the new employee the best possible conditions for success, we offer a recruitment and onboarding process that goes further and deeper than most recruitment assignments do.

Before the recruiting begins, basic conditions are ensured to give the new employee a good base to start from. The recruitment process is based on a jointly developed profile. The process takes place in several stages, with the goal of presenting three to five candidates for final interviews with representatives of the company.

Once the position has been filled, we offer coaching for a shorter or longer period of time, to ensure a successful boarding. The assignments are adapted to be in line with specific target images and other activities.


  1. The basis is secured and a profile and service description is produced
  2. Recruitment process and employment
  3. Follow-up and coaching towards the agreed goal picture

Coaching & Training

We develop the potential of your employees

Planet Bridge offers coaching and development according to a process where the key employee develops in his personal leadership in parallel with the work towards achieving the company’s set overall goals.

The process helps individuals and businesses to set and achieve meaningful goals. The probability that the company achieves its goals, at the same time as the individual develops, increases significantly in comparison with independent programs. The process is also excellent for the development of entire teams in parallel with the individuals developing their abilities. The method gives the individual important insights into how to gain control over their situation in the company or organization and in life as a whole, while providing motivation and creating productivity. The process can significantly simplify and secure a company’s establishment of newly hired staff in a market new to the company.

Planet Bridge also offers independent programs, trainings and lectures in business development, goal management, value-driven leadership, team development, motivation and sales.

Experienced consultants and clear processes lead to the target

We have created and run successful companies and established brands both nationally and internationally and we have developed leaders in smaller and larger companies. In addition, we have built up a network of experts in important areas.

We offer our skills, experience and network to companies who establish in the Swedish market.

Our services are tailored according to an agreed goal picture and its specific needs. We follow the establishing company during the start-up phase and we work with clear-cut processes and methods.

Together, we are building a safer path into the Swedish market.

Marcus Weilund

Business and process developer

With many years of experience as a CEO, business developer, project manager, and college education in construction engineering, Marcus Weilund is able to create change, efficiency, and profitability. He enjoys developing management teams and organizations towards common ways of working, processes, and routines using digital tools to simplify and improve. He is currently a consultant and entrepreneur with co-ownership in several companies in various industries. Marcus is acknowledged for his leadership and ability to get organizations to deliver against set goals. Accordingly, many of his projects are linked to companies with solid growth.

Veli-Matti Heikkinen

Business developer

Entrepreneur, sales manager, marketing manager and business development manager. Founder of Mockfjärds Fönster. CEO, MD, Sales Executive, Chairman and various other board positions.

Susan Törne Henningson

Leadership Developer

One of Sweden’s most experienced leadership developers. Industrial and Management Engineer, licensed coach. Ericsson Radio Systems AB, director of business development, area marketing manager South East Asia and Africa, various management and leadership roles, Swedish Trade Council Tokyo, finance and HR manager, BT Industries AB, Marketing Area Manager UK & Benelux, Ericsson Information Systems AB, logistics and procurement.

A network of skilled advisers

Establishing in a new country requires knowledge of the market, its legal conditions, culture, buying behavior, tax issues, local standards and more.

Together with skilled advisors and a wide network of people in companies and various community functions, we can offer you and your company invaluable support. We help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and increase the likelihood of a successful establishment.

Below you will find some of our important partners.

The Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (FINSVE) is one of our important partners. The organisation has a broad network and critical knowledge about the Swedish market. FINSVE provides marketing research, etc.

Balanco. Accounting firm, financial management expert, and a partner in both Finland and Sweden. Internationalizing customers through their services and partner network. In both Sweden and Finland, the international team led by a financial expert appointed for the company is fully responsible for your service needs. Balanco frees up time for business needs by taking care of accounting, payroll, and other support services.

The Glimstedt law firm has expertise within a wide range of practice areas, including employment, general business law, corporate law and more. Glimstedt is a loyal and engaged partner who, through law expertise, commitment and strong business acumen, contributes to our clients’ success.

Tulevaisuuden Kasvupolut OY, one of Finland’s most successful consulting companies, creating new profitable business by using the know-how that already exists in a company. Kasvupolut is specialized in finding opportunities for growth and piloting small and medium-sized companies to development and breakthrough. In recent years over 80% of their client companies increased both profitability and revenue. Planet Bridge and Kasvupolut are collaborating in developing Finnish companies on the Swedish market and provides companies a successful way into the Finnish market.

IUC Dalarna AB is an industrial development centre within the engineering and timber industry. They support SMEs in their development, competitiveness, and improved business outcomes by providing know-how, networks, and capital.

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