Amer Kanan – fled Syria and is now successful at one of Sweden’s large technical consultants

In November 2015 the electropower engineer Amer Kanan arrived in Malung after fleeing the war in Syria. Planet Bridge People AB met Amer for the first time in February 2018. This was in connection with the integration project ”Smart Integration”, organized by IUC Dalarna AB. After a joint upgrading of Amers job application documents we started looking for recruitment opportunities in our networks. Susan from Planet Bridge was already at that point convinced that Amer, with his social ability, quickly should find a position matching his formal competence.

Within a month an agreement for practical training, as well as an introduction program, was in place at one of Sweden’s leading technical consultant companies. During the practical training Amer exceeded expectations and he was employed by Sweco Rail AB in December 2018.

At a follow-up talk Amer says that he is grateful that his employer believed, and believes, in him. He feels comfortable, thrives, wants to contribute and show his abilities. Amer is proud over the fact that he, since start, has shown increasing performance in measured KPIs and that he since a couple of months shows stable productivity at a very high level. Amers manager, Lena Eriksson at Sweco Rail AB, says that his introduction to the company and its clients has gone well, that he is interested and popular.

The integration project ”Smart Integration” exceeded its goals and ended in Summer 2019.


Amer Kanan thrives at Sweco Rail AB
Amer Kanan thrives at Sweco Rail AB