A secure introduction to the Swedish market

The world is developing at an accelerating pace. Technical progression is the fastest in human history and new phenomena constantly appear in the marketplace. Innovations within the physical and digital world make the distances between people in different countries and on different continents shorter all the time. Communications occur in real time, in one and the same language. Many companies have international operations right from the start. Migration and globalisation are reshaping our view of the world and boarders become less significant. Our societies are becoming intercultural. These changes can be frightening and to some may seem like a threat. Others embrace the transformations and see them as opportunities that they can benefit from. At Planet Bridge we welcome an intercultural world.

Our experience and knowledge of managing businesses and leading people is our solid foundation. It is from this foundation that we offer a unique and prospering road, for people as well as corporations, into the Swedish market.

It would be our pleasure to hear from you!

Veli-Matti Heikkinen, Susan Törne Henningsson

Founders of Planet Bridge